Marketing Strategy Session

Fast Track Your Success!

Learn how to stand out and get ahead of the competition with a clear marketing strategy in this one-on-one session.

This is a full day (2 x Half Day) sessions that will see you walk away with clarity and a marketing action plan to achieve your business goals.

Marketing Audit

A comprehensive analysis of past and current marketing activities to identify key problems and areas of opportunity.

Business Strategy

Discuss your overall business strategy taking into consideration your products, services, profitability metrics including your pricing strategy and long-term goals.

Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Review your current brand strategy including your visual identity, your brand promise and consistent delivery of your brand across all customer touchpoint.

Walk way being crystal clear on what you your brand to be famous for.

Customer Persona

Create or refine your customer persona(s). Get to know, intimately, who your ideal customer is and why.  Learn how best to connect with them and where.

Marketing Goals

Based on your business strategy, establish the critical marketing metrics to measure that will see you achieve your marketing and broader business goals sooner.

Take Action

Develop a marketing action plan that supports your business goals.  Get clarity on what marketing initiatives to undertake. Establish KPI’s, set a budget and timelines to deliver them.


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Note: The full-day session is broken into 2 half-day sessions. These sessions are hosted over Zoom.  All coaching is available worldwide and charged in AUD.  Payments are required prior to the sessions being conducted.