Marketing Mastery

For motivated Business Owners ready to take their business from good to Great!

Presented by award winning marketing strategist, Kim Skilton

Firstly, let me say well done to you for having the courage to step up and be a business owner.  It takes passion, commitment and a clear vision to run a successful business. So truly, a heartfelt Congratulations to you for taking this journey!

Marketing Strategy

It can be hard for business owners to wear the many hats required to run a successful business and we tend to gravitate to what we do well… often leaving the critically important aspect of marketing to the ‘admin girl’ or by outsourcing it to a marketing expert.

This approach can lead to some degree of success however typically after the initial impact, the success starts to wane.

That’s why I have created Marketing Mastery, a step-by-step mentoring program for business owners who are ready to grow their business.

In this 90 day program, I will take you from confused and overwhelmed to nailing it with marketing that converts and brings you hot leads ready to buy now!

  • No more going it alone


  • No more guessing what you should you do next
  • No more throwing your money away


  • No more wasting precious time on stuff that doesn’t work

Instead, I’m going to take you through 5 things that will lead to the biggest shifts in your business.

These 5 things have taken me as a business owner and my clients from feeling overwhelmed and stressed about where the next sale is coming from to having a clear Marketing Strategy, a captivating brand and high converting marketing plan that consistently attracts a constant flow of customers.

Marketing Mastery
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